Chatfield Learners’ Intervention Center Programs.

Chatfield Learners’ Intervention Center is started to address the social needs of children on the Autism Spectrum and other specific learning needs, by providing a unique learning program.

To have all children with ASD and Specific learning difficulties benefit, Chatfield provides three learning programs:

  1. Autism Early Intervention Program.

This program admits children aged between 7 years to 12years.

Chatfield Provides a Montessori program well-structured to provide a learning experience that remains consistent and motivating, to reduce the symptoms of autism and increase child functionality in a social environment. At Chatfield Learners’ Intervention Center, we believe in the child as the guide to providing the best and stimulating learning program. Learning is mainly through play therapy that incorporates interactive speech and language development, and social skills.

Children on this program are assessed regularly and parents updated on the progress, following assessment, and report protocol.


  1. START Program

This program is designed to cater to teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Specific learning difficulties aged between 13 years and 16years. At Chatfield Learners’  Intervention Center, the START (Social Tools And Rules for Teens), provides an enriching social skill development, that focuses on social motivation, insight and skills, self-care skills using club-like environment that emphasizes learning through social experiences and interactive learning activities.

The START Program includes:-

  • Interactive Speech program,
  • Functional Occupational Therapy,
  • Activities of Daily Living (Life-skills).
  • Cognitive Development.
  • Functional prevocational skills development.
  • Out-door and social tours activities.

All geared towards gaining functional Independence for social existence.

START Teen Children is a unique program whose philosophy is based on all children having different developmental rates, yet capable of acquiring general function following the same sequential pattern at different times,  and hence requiring different approaches and environment, and so is for children with autism and other developmental disorders.

This teens’ program is designed to target social readiness of teens. Social readiness is comprised of two equally important   factors: – Social motivation and Social Competence, and Social Interaction, and derive pleasure from social experiences, while social competence consists of the insights and skills necessary to engage in positive interaction with others.

Having these factors allows a child to engage with receptive social partners and become immersed in social interaction, benefiting from experiential social learning, and ultimately strengthen the existing motivation.

The START program is beneficial to teens with Autism, Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder, specific learning difficulties, and other social challenges.


  1. Functional and Vocational Skill Training Program.

This program will admit students from the age of 16 years and above.

This is a program that focuses on functional cognitive development, equipping the learner with life skills that are key to independent living, including training on various vocational skills. These are to enable the child to be self-driven, with a life to live in mind, while providing an opportunity to serve the community through practical skills. Chatfield Learners Intervention Center would provide a variety of vocational skills to learners with special needs aged 16 and above, based on their area of interest and ability. Among skills on target include Carpentry, computer technology, Baking and pastry, Hair and beauty, housekeeping skills, Cookery, food and beverage production, Handwork skills, among others that may be developed as the need arises.




Significance of the Program            

Many children with special needs or having diagnosed with a learning difficulty are hardly absorbed in commercial sectors due to inadequate skills or perceived incompetency. They are always considered as a liability. These children attend school during their younger years but are seen no in the economic sector, participating in the social-economic activities. Chatfield learners Intervention Center intends to recognize the ability of the children and teens in participating in the national building while building on their independent life.

Chatfield Learners Intervention Center will be a dynamic learning center, building every child’s effort and ability, from the early years to the teenage age, when the child integrates with the world of vocation.

This will therefore create a complete transition for the children as their age advances, from early Intervention, Basic education and life-skills, in cooperating functional academics, teenage START program, and finally transiting into the vocation by the age of 16.