Introducing Chatfield Learners’ Intervention Center (CLIC)

Chatfield Learners’ Intervention Center (CLIC), recognizes that each child is an individual, and that all children are uniquely able, and have the need to succeed.

Chatfield Learners’ Intervention Center respects the individual needs of every child and fosters caring and stimulating environment, and emphasizes on social, emotional, and physical development of each child, while considering overall safety.        

We aim at providing a safe, caring and interactively therapeutic learning environment, where students with Autism, educational and social challenges, reading, comprehension, and self- care life-skills, can develop the skills and character necessary for social coexistence in their communities.


Learning for life.                           


To be a center of dynamic and stimulating learning, building on individual social and communication skills.


To provide an enabling, safe, caring and therapeutic environment where learners with Autism and specific learning difficulties can be progressively and continuously nurtured to best develop skills and qualities that will enable them to successfully integrate with the society.

Our Slogan

Striving to Attain Remarkable Teens